Bourbon Pointer Dog

The Bourbon Pointer, also known as the Bourbon Pointer, is a European dog from France, a very old breed that already existed in the Renaissance. Although it later almost became extinct, in recent years it has managed to re-emerge, the breed standard has been established and its appearance and performance has been improved to achieve the dog we know today.

This dog is characterized by being strong and robust, balanced and with a good character. He loves being with people, he is very loyal and affectionate with his human family. Regarding his care, he does not have particularly different needs than other medium-sized breeds, but cleaning his ears, grooming his hair and daily physical exercise are of special importance. If you want to know more characteristics of the Bourbon Pointer , as well as its origin, care and health problems , continue reading this AnimalWised article!

Origin of the Bourbon Pointer

The Bourbon Pointer is a hunting dog from France and is one of the oldest breeds in the area. This breed was discovered by an Italian named Aldovrandi, who dedicated his time to breeding and improving it, making these dogs one of the most popular in Europe during the Renaissance. Later, during the wars of the 20th century and the French Revolution, the Bourbon Pointer almost disappeared. However, in recent years it managed to re-emerge and now, in the 21st century, it is considered a great hunting dog and is praised for its physical characteristics and personality.

The first breed standard was published in the first bulletin of the Club du Braque du Bourbonnais in 1930 and since the 1970s breeders have dedicated themselves to improving the breed’s conformation and its hunting performance. In 1982, the second Club du Braque du Bourbonnais was created by Michel Comte, and was officially recognized in 1985 by the Central Canine Society (SCC), which is considered a French subsidiary of the FCI. Finally, the new breed standard was recognized by the FCI and the SCC in 1991, translated and published on the FCI website in 1998.

Characteristics of the Bourbon Pointer

The Bourbon Pointer is a medium-sized and proportionate dog. The height at the withers is 48-57 cm and the weight is around 16-22 kg. The body of the Bourbon Pointer is compact, strong, robust and muscular , which gives it a powerful as well as elegant and fine appearance. Females are less compact but more elegant. Some specimens can be born without a tail or with one. The tail is set low, long and fine. Unfortunately, in many countries it is still common practice to cut it, but we must remember that this is a cruel and totally unnecessary act. In this article we talk about it: ” Why is it bad to cut dogs’ tails and ears? “.

Continuing with the characteristics of the Bourbonnais Pointer, the head of this breed is pear-shaped because it is rounded in all directions, with well-developed zygomatic and parietal arches. The nose is quite wide and pigmented, whose color can vary depending on the coat. For its part, the eyes of the Bourbon Pointer are large, round and dark amber or hazel in color. The ears are medium and drooping, located around the eye line.

Bourbon Pointer Colors

The hair of these dogs is fine, dense and short . It is thinner on the ears and head than on the rest of the body, while it is usually longer on the back. As for color, it has white spots well spread throughout the coat, mottled with brown or fawn in all its variations. The racial standard accepts the mixture of white and color, but when the color is not widespread.

What is the Bourbon Pointer puppy like?

The Bourbon Pointer is very curious and active as a puppy, so it always wants to investigate everything around it at all times. For this reason, you should try to play with the puppy frequently so that it releases energy and grows happily, while avoiding destructive behaviors and behavioral or aggressive problems in the future.

It is important, despite the fact that they are sociable and affectionate dogs, that during their first weeks of life they maintain contact with various types of situations, animals and people in order to promote adequate socialization.

Character of the Bourbon Pointer

The Bourbon Pointer is a dog with an exceptional character, it easily adapts to any situation and any home. It is a breed with great intelligence and concern for everything, which loves the outdoors and physical activity .

On the other hand, this type of pointer is characterized by being very affectionate with its family, sweet and affectionate . It has a great hunting instinct due to its origin and development, an aspect that must be worked on if it has to live with other animals. Likewise, it is a very faithful and loyal dog to its caregiver, whom it will not hesitate to defend in the face of any adversity.

Bourbon Pointer Care

The Bourbon Pointer is a dog that does not require much special care. Of course, he needs caregivers who are involved with the time he needs to go outside to exercise and release his energy . He really enjoys long walks or hiking trails, as well as ball games or agility exercises. Due to its origin, we insist, this dog needs physical activity every day, so 20-minute walks or games at home will not be enough, although the latter are also very beneficial. Don’t miss this post with Intelligence games for dogs at home . Let’s know the rest of the care in this breed:


Continuing with the care of the Bourbon Pointer, we find those related to the coat. As they have short and fine hair, a good weekly brushing to keep them groomed will be enough. For brushing, it is recommended to use brushes that allow you to remove dead hair and the accumulation of dust or dirt, adapted to the short coat of these dogs. Among all the variety of types of brushes that exist, those with rubber bristles are usually the most recommended because they do not damage the skin; Mittens are also great allies. So, a good option is this rubber brush for short hair from Amazon . On the other hand, a good bath when the coat requires it or some type of dermatological treatment in the form of shampoo is also necessary.

Their ears , due to their hanging and low anatomy, require frequent cleaning to avoid accumulations of wax and debris in order to prevent infections such as otitis. Dental hygiene is also key to preventing oral diseases such as cavities, tartar or periodontal disease. You can do it with brushes and special toothpaste for dogs and with dental snacks as a complement. Discover How to clean a dog’s teeth in this other article.


The caloric needs of the Bourbon Pointer will depend on the level of activity to which they are accustomed. Dogs are facultative omnivores, which means that the main component of their food should be protein of animal origin, followed by fat, grains and vegetables, so you should choose a complete, quality food that includes all of them. the components they need in their correct proportions. Choosing between feed, homemade food or a mixed diet will depend on your knowledge and needs, but we always recommend the advice of a veterinarian specialized in nutrition.

Finally, it is important not to forget about preventive medicine when caring for the Bourbon Pointer, as it is necessary for it to have periodic check-ups at the veterinary center and a correct schedule of deworming and vaccinations, as we will see in the section dedicated to talking about its health.

Education of the Bourbon Pointer

The Bourbon Pointer dog is a breed that is very easy to train due to its great intelligence and its active behavior and predisposition to carry out new activities and actions. Therefore, it is not a particularly stubborn or difficult dog , quite the opposite, but it does require perseverance and good practice. To do this, the most advisable thing is always training through positive reinforcement, which consists of rewarding appropriate behaviors with snacks or caresses without punishing or instilling fear or fear, as it is counterproductive and does not promote education, but rather damages the bond, generates frustration and makes them less willing to train.

Despite being a dog that learns very quickly, it is very important to highlight the role of socialization in the Bourbon Pointer puppy. As we have commented in previous sections, this is a breed with a strong hunting instinct, which is why it may have difficulties interacting with other animals and dogs if it has not been properly socialized. For this reason, it is essential, on the one hand, to respect natural weaning before adopting the puppy and, on the other, to allow it to interact with different environments, sounds, people and animals. We talk about it in this article: ” How to socialize a puppy? “. If you adopt an adult Pointer that has not been socialized, it is not too late to do so! Check out this other post and get to work: ” How to socialize an adult dog? “.

Bourbon Pointer Health

The Bourbon Pointer breed is characterized by being in good health and not having any genetic disease of note. These are robust and strong dogs with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years .

In very active Bourbon Pointers, bone problems such as hip dysplasia may appear , in which there is an inconsistency between the hip bones that causes them to wear out and suffer osteoarthritis, producing discomfort, pain and lameness in the dog. They are also predisposed to the development of otitis due to the nature of their ears and may have skin diseases such as:

  • Vitiligo , in which symmetrical white spots appear on your body.
  • Epidermolysis bullosa , which is characterized by the development of vesicular lesions or ulcers on the oral mucosa, back, nose, genitals, abdomen or legs.
  • Parasitization by demodex , a mite that normally lives in the skin of dogs, but if it proliferates excessively it can produce clinical signs such as alopecia, comedones, papules, pustules and follicular casts.

In order to detect any disease in time, it is essential to carry out adequate preventive medicine, attending the periodic check-ups stipulated by the veterinarian. Likewise, it is advisable to follow the vaccination and deworming schedule that the specialist recommends.

Where to adopt a Bourbon Pointer dog?

You can adopt a Bourbon Pointer at shelters, shelters and animal associations . Unfortunately, as it is a hunting dog, it is usually exposed to abandonment once the hunting season is over, which is why dogs of this breed and mixed breeds can be found in the aforementioned centers. Keep in mind that these dogs may have suffered some type of trauma, so it is very important to adopt them responsibly and be aware of what this implies to avoid abandonment again. If you consider that you are the perfect companion for a Bourbon Pointer, you will have a faithful, affectionate and tremendously grateful dog at your side.

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