Chodsky or bohemian shepherd

The chodsky, chodsky pes or bohemian shepherd , is a dog with a long story to tell. It is said that this breed has existed for more than 8 centuries, admired for its great abilities to defend herds and territories. It is also one of the predecessor breeds of one of the best-known dog breeds in the world. Can you guess which one it could be?

The Chodsky is a dog that is characterized by its loyalty, its affability and its great passion for its family. He is very protective, which makes him distrustful of strangers, but don’t let a few warning barks fool you, the Chodsky just needs time, as soon as he gains confidence he is the most loving dog in the world. Do you want to get to know him a little better? At ExpertoAnimal we want to give you the possibility of knowing all the characteristics of the Chodsky , a unique breed.

Origin of the Bohemian Sheepdog

The Chodsky, in his native country Chodský pes, is also called the Bohemian shepherd and is a native of the Chodsko region , southwest of Bohemia, in the current Czech Republic . There, since it emerged many centuries ago, since there is evidence of its existence in the 13th century, it has guarded land and homes, from the richest to the most humble. The Bohemian Sheepdog also guarded the region’s flocks, protecting them from possible predators . All this made even the monarchs John I of Bohemia and Rudolph II recognize the value of this dog, allowing citizens to own it in order to protect the borders of Bohemia.

Given the antiquity of this breed and its phylogenetic origins, it is considered one of the predecessors of the well-known German Shepherd . The breed was officially recognized internationally in 1985, and its standard was drafted by the FCI (International Cynological Federation) in 2019 [1] . Yes, despite being such an old breed, its standard has been introduced very recently.

Chodsky characteristics

The Chodsky is a breed of medium-sized sheepdog , weighing between 19 and 27 kilograms in males and 17 to 24 in females. The height at the withers is between 52 and 55 centimeters in them and 49 to 52 centimeters in them.

The body of the Bohemian shepherds is rectangular in shape , rather elongated, but with harmonious and elegant shapes. Compact in appearance, the Chodsky has a regal posture due to its high withers, long neck, curved tail and the very balanced proportions of each part of its body. The head is of a size proportional to that of the body, it has a flat forehead, with a narrowing at the stop, which is somewhat pronounced, and tapers slightly at the tip of the snout until reaching a medium-sized nose and always black in color. He has medium-sized eyes, almond-shaped and obliquely angled, of a deep brown color and an expressive look full of vitality.

Another of the most representative characteristics of the Chodsky is the coat. The coat of the Bohemian Shepherd is glossy, silky and long (about 5-12 centimeters), of high density and rough to the touch. It is smooth, or at most with very slight undulations. It has a two-layer structure, so it has a very dense undercoat of hair that is softer than the outer layer. The length of the hair is not homogeneous, as it has fringes at the base of the ears, longer hair in regions such as the back, neck or hocks.

Bohemian Sheepdog Colors

The color accepted by the official chodsky standard is between black and lead black tones , with tan spots. It is considered that the more brands it has and the more vibrant the color of these, the better. These marks usually appear over the eyes, on the edges of the ears, on the cheeks, the sides of the snout and throat, as well as under the tail, feet, and thighs and hocks.

The Bohemian Sheepdog Puppy

When they are born, Chodskys have identical fur , but as they grow they show their adult fur, with its well-defined markings and the length according to each area of ​​the body. This does not happen until they are approximately 6 months old.

The Chodsky is a smart dog, very alert and curious, he demonstrates his intelligence even though he is just a puppy. He is not usually too naughty nor noisy, as long as he is given timely basic education .

Chodsky character

The Chodsky is a fairly energetic dog , very active, but also very docile and obedient and not at all nervous. He is always alert, making him an excellent lookout, fiercely guarding what he considers his, whether it is something material or emotional, like his family. This makes him distrustful of strangers, so if he has not been socialized since he was a puppy, it is very difficult to get him used to contact with strangers later, although not impossible. Likewise, such a protective nature can cause him to develop resource protection if he does not receive an adequate education, something not recommended.

On the contrary, he pours out love for his family, he gets along well with both other animals and small children, with whom he is very careful and attentive. Here it is very similar to the ideals of nanny dogs , carrying out its work with will and determination.

Chodsky care

Caring for a Chodsky is no more complicated than caring for any other breed or mixed breed dog. Like everyone, it needs a series of basic care. Among the most notable are the nutritional ones, since it is necessary to provide quality food adjusted to his energy needs. It is also vital to keep him hydrated, so make sure he always has access to fresh water.

Being such an active dog, the Bohemian Shepherd needs daily exercise . While he doesn’t need it to be an extremely intense activity, he does require it to be at least moderate intensity. Very light activities do not allow him to release all the energy he accumulates. Likewise, it is essential to offer him adequate environmental enrichment , with varied toys that keep him stimulated both mentally and physically.

Another of the chodsky’s cares is related to the maintenance of its coat. Their coat needs a lot of attention due to its density and length. It requires regular brushing , the minimum being 3-4 times a week under normal conditions and once a day during the shedding season. Baths should be restricted to those occasions when they are really necessary, so it is not recommended that they be done frequently. It is also good to perform nail cuts and check eyes and ears, cleaning them appropriately to keep them clean and free of infections.

Education of the Bohemian Sheepdog

Chodsky breed dogs have great ease in learning , as they are attentive and very docile, always being willing to acquire new knowledge. They are very hardworking dogs, with a great disposition for activity, this makes it very easy to apply positive reinforcement techniques with them, based on rewards, whether they are treats or caresses, words… In this way, as with all animals, What works best is patience and perseverance, being firm but not severe, always avoiding punishment and any type of humiliation towards the animal.

On the other hand, as we have already mentioned, the Chodsky needs special attention regarding socialization, and it is highly advisable that this be done continuously during its development, starting at a very early age. If you have questions about how to start, we leave you this article on How to Socialize a Puppy Correctly .

Chodsky health

The most common conditions in Chodsky dogs are those related to their morphology, such as hip dysplasia , which greatly affects medium and large breeds. For better prevention and a better diagnosis, it is advisable to carry out veterinary check-ups that include radiological tests, which allow evaluating the condition of the hip joint. By taking preventive measures or starting treatments early, the long-term prognosis is improved.

Another of the problems that most torment the Chodskys is their tendency to suffer from ear infections . The most common is usually otitis . This is why it is so important to perform regular ear cleanings, because the cleaner they are, the less accumulation of germs and dirt there will be in their ear canals and the less likely they are to develop any infection.

Problems related to eye health are also outlined, such as progressive retinal atrophy , as well as the danger of suffering from gastric torsion . But in general, the majority of the Bohemian Shepherd breed is in good health, requiring periodic check-ups, vaccinations and deworming, but without any major complications.

Where to adopt a Chodsky or Bohemian Sheepdog?

If you want to adopt a bohemian shepherd, we highlight some important aspects. In addition to the fact that, as with any type of adoption, the needs and requirements of each animal must be taken into account, in the case of the Bohemian shepherd it is interesting to take some data into account. One of the main challenges when adopting a Chodsky is that it is often confused with long-haired German Shepherds. Therefore, if you do not have an expert eye, it is difficult to distinguish both breeds.

Well, it must also be noted that the German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds on the entire planet, so it is more likely to find a specimen of this breed in shelters and kennels than to find a Chodsky. Likewise, it is essential to keep in mind that this is a very active dog that needs to exercise daily. Likewise, it is necessary to constantly take care of its coat to avoid the accumulation of dirt and tangles.

If it is clear that what you want to adopt is a Chodsky, it is recommended to go to nearby associations, shelters and shelters , which can inform the interested party about the necessary procedures to carry out any adoption, as well as show the animals that are looking for a home. Because we must also highlight the advantages of adopting a mixed-breed dog , which is always an option to seriously consider.

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