Colombian fine hound

As its name allows you to guess, the Colombian fine hound is a breed native to Colombia. There it receives other names, such as tinajero, chapolo, berreador, bramador or howler, which reflect some of its distinctive characteristics. Being a bloodhound, it is inevitably associated with hunting, but it can also be an excellent companion dog, especially for families with children, as long as it receives all the care it needs for its physical and mental well-being.

In this ExpertoAnimal article we are going to learn in depth about the characteristics of the Colombian fine hound . We will review its origin, its most important physical traits and the essential care in terms of physical activity, education, food, hygiene or health that a dog of this breed requires for a long and happy life.

Origin of the Colombian fine hound

The Colombian fine hound comes from the crossing of different hounds originating from Europe, Great Britain and North America during the colonial era. We are talking about Spanish and French hounds, the pointer, the foxhound or the English pointer . This hound showed extraordinary qualities for hunting, which is why it achieved great popularity in all strata of society, accompanying both people who were dedicated to hunting and sports or those who needed to hunt in order to eat. It is closely linked to the peasantry. Specifically, he dedicated himself to following the trail , thanks to his privileged sense of smell, of fur-bearing prey .

Their development reached the entire country, being dogs perfectly adapted to the geographical and climatological characteristics of the terrain. This was helped by its varieties, one standard, another large and a third known as “chin”. Photographs and stories about these dogs have been found up to 200 years ago. Currently, the breed is on the way to meeting the requirements required to be recognized worldwide by the International Cynological Federation (FCI). As soon as it achieves this, it will be included in group VI, the one intended for hound-type dogs, trail dogs and the like.

Characteristics of the Colombian Fine Hound

At first glance, it shares characteristics with other hounds. Thus, it is a medium to large sized dog, with long ears and short hair . The variations in size are explained by their adaptation to different prey. To capture this situation, we talk about the existence of two varieties:

  • Standard Colombian fine hound : measures 45 to 50 cm and weighs 15 to 25 kg.
  • Large Colombian fine hound : it is between 51-58 cm, with a weight ranging between 25 and 35 kg.

In 2022, the Colombian Canine Club Association recognized a third variety called chin. Except for size, all varieties have the same characteristics. Thus, we review his physical features in more detail:

  • Head : proportionate to the body, the skull is slightly domed, the stop is marked and the nose is large, with the nostrils wide open, and black or brown in color. It has a medium snout, straight and somewhat wider at the base than at the tip. The lips are developed, but do not hang down. The bite is scissors. The eyes are oval and have a sweet expression. They are allowed in all colors, except blue, in combination with the coat. The ears are long and hanging, they may or may not have folds and are set at eye level or a little lower. Their edge is rounded and, in terms of length, they should at least reach the tip of the snout. The neck is strong and it is possible to see loose skin in the throat area.
  • Body : It is rectangular, longer than it is tall and its flexibility stands out. It is robust, but not excessively so. The withers are marked and the back and spine are strong. The rump is a little higher than the back. The chest is broad and has well arched ribs. The belly is slightly tucked up.
  • Tail : it is long, longer than the hock, and loses thickness towards the tip. Normally, he carries it in the form of a saber.
  • Legs : they are medium, solid, strong and muscular. The feet are medium in size and have strong nails and pads.
  • Coat : Over a thin skin, the hair is short, straight, shiny and soft in texture.

Colors of the Colombian Fine Hound

In the Colombian fine hound we will find a great variety of colors, which can also come in different shades, patterns or combinations and with or without white. The only exception is merlado, which is not allowed. We highlight the colors:

  • Red .
  • Black .
  • Brown .
  • Grey .

Character of the Colombian Fine Hound

These dogs have a stubborn character for hunting and, in general, for physical or mental activity, and an affectionate temperament at home , also with children, which is why we have said that they can be a good companion dog. In fact, they become very dependent on their family and become very attached, especially to the little ones in the house. But we must keep in mind that for them to be calm at home we must offer them enough exercise and all the mental stimulation they require. Otherwise, at home, due to boredom, frustration or stress, they could develop behavioral problems that affect their well-being and coexistence. For example, excessive barking. Even so, it is recommended for houses with land rather than apartments.

Accustomed to hunting with other dogs in their origins, they usually get along well with their peers and coexist without incidents, although, due to their strong hunting instinct, we will have to be careful with smaller animals, such as cats or rabbits. On the other hand, they also accept strangers. You have to know that they have a very powerful bark , hence some of the names it receives in Colombia. They are, in general, tolerant and intelligent, but, we insist, they must be able to burn off all their energy.

Care of the Colombian Fine Hound

Depending on the physical and behavioral characteristics that we have talked about, we must adapt the care for the Colombian fine hound, so that we guarantee its physical and psychological well-being. As we will see, their basic care does not differ from that needed by most hounds. We highlight:

  • Diet : like any dog, the diet should be based on animal protein, which can come from meat or fish. It is important to respect the daily amount and not go overboard with edible treats, since this is a breed with a tendency to gain weight . Likewise, if you do intense activity, you may need a high-energy food. In this post we explain in detail What dogs eat .
  • Exercise : These dogs need space to exercise and opportunities to practice all the physical activity they require for their well-being and to maintain their ideal weight. Several daily walks are essential, as is running, playing, interacting with other dogs, etc. We can take advantage of their tracking ability by offering them search games for people or objects by following their trail. Intelligence or interactive toys can also be very interesting for them.
  • Hygiene : its coat is easy to maintain. You just have to brush them from time to time and bathe them when they get dirty, always using specific products for dogs and making sure that we leave them completely dry. You have to watch your nails in case it is necessary to cut them. Teeth should be cleaned daily or, at least, as frequently as possible. The ears, being pendulous, are a priority point of attention, since the ear canal will be less ventilated, which favors infections. They must be monitored and cleaned regularly. In this article we explain How to clean a dog’s ears .

Education of the Colombian fine hound

His intelligence can help us a lot when educating him, but we must remember that he can be very stubborn , so firm and patient training is necessary, always resorting to positive reinforcements. It is essential that you acquire, at least, basic obedience orders. This will allow us to release it while being sure that it will obey our call. Otherwise, we would run a great risk in public spaces, since it is not unusual for people to get lost if they find a trace.

In addition to education, socialization is very important , which should ideally begin from the first weeks of life. It is about exposing him to stimuli of all kinds, such as people, scenes, noises, vehicles, smells, etc., so that, in the future, he does not become scared of them. We recommend consulting these articles:

  • How to socialize a puppy?
  • How to socialize an adult dog?
  • How to train a puppy?

Health of the Colombian Fine Hound

These are resistant dogs, with no known pathologies, although it is recommended to perform tests to detect hip dysplasia , since they have a certain predisposition to suffer from this disease. As we have mentioned, the diet must be controlled to avoid being overweight and the ears must be monitored , as they could be affected more frequently than breeds with erect ears, due to infections, foreign bodies, etc.

We must also monitor the presence of injuries or parasites after walks through wooded areas. As with any other dog, preventive medicine is important, that is, following the deworming and vaccination schedule established by the veterinarian and going for regular check-ups, in addition to, of course, whenever it shows signs of illness. In general, castration is also recommended. The life expectancy of the Colombian fine hound is 14 years.

Where to adopt a Colombian fine hound?

Outside of Colombia, it is not very easy to find a Colombian fine hound for adoption. We can try protective associations dedicated specifically to hounds , just in case they have a specimen, which, usually, will already be an adult. Another option is to look in kennels and shelters for a bloodhound dog with characteristics similar to those of the Colombian Fino. Currently, thousands of dogs of these breeds or their crosses are waiting for adoption. Everyone deserves a chance, regardless of race or age, and everyone has the potential to be excellent companions.

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