SEO Trends In 2023. The Year Of Artificial Intelligence

SEO trends for 2023 bring many new features and significant changes. 

The impact of artificial intelligence, Google algorithm updates or the deactivation of third-party cookies are the most important.

Main SEO news and trends in 2023

The world of SEO always has new developments every year, although there are factors that must be worked on every year.

Improving the user experience and creating content that resolves search intent as quickly and effectively as possible are some of the main positioning factors for Google and other search engines.

Added to this are SEO trends that have been repeated for several years, such as Inbound Marketing or “Indirect Marketing”, which have continued to show good results.

It is important to be up to date with changes and developments in search engines if you work as an SEO. For this reason, at Ikeszain we are going to present the main  SEO trends in 2023.

1. AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence ( AI) is here to stay. However, at the end of 2022 and 2023 it has caused its maximum stir with two incredible projects: images created by artificial intelligence and chats.

The novelty for 2023 is Chat GPT , which has become the most used artificial intelligence tool.

It is a simple chatbot where you can ask for anything (questions, help, articles, modification of elements…) with almost infinite possibilities.

Although it has a paid version, what is most impressive is that it is free and that it is constantly updated. In February 2023 we have already seen how it can read urls (although it still does not have internet access) and its own API has also been announced.

Chat GPT belongs to the Open AI company, who have recently joined forces with the creators of the BING search engine to launch their own chat: Sidney, which is now available in a limited mobile version.

With so much movement and renewal, Google, which currently has the most used search engine in the world, also wanted to adapt to trends and developed Bard, its chatbot with artificial intelligence that did not live up to the announcement or expectations .

The world of artificial intelligence is advancing so quickly that we can already see combinations of Chat GPT with Dall-e (AI image generator from Open AI).

2. Google Updates

Google updates have always existed and usually cause a stir, since for a few weeks we observe how websites of all sizes improve their positions in the SERPs, decrease or plummet.

As a general rule, Google notifies that an update is in progress and when it ends.

Sometimes it communicates which area or factor we should focus more on or emphasizes improving the content with rather generic guidelines.

We already checked it with E-EAT (which at first was just EAT) and which was one of Google’s last big updates.

We also recently had updates such as the Helpful Content Update , which focuses on the fact that quality content must not only be original, but must also be written by and for people.

Would it be an update aimed at stopping automatic texts created with artificial intelligence?

In recent weeks there has been a lot of uncertainty about whether Google would release an anti-AI update.

However, everything indicates that content generated by AI will not be penalized. Regardless of the form, Google seeks that the content is of quality, correct, valuable and responds in the best possible way to the user’s search intention.

There are various tools to check sudden changes in positions in the SERPs as a result of Google updates. One of them is Algoroo , although SEMRush and Sistrix also have their own tools.

3. Deactivation of third-party cookies

The deactivation of third-party cookies is one of the SEO developments that is causing the most uncertainty, especially due to the search engine’s continuous delays in its implementation.

They represent a great change in digital marketing that can be summarized in several theories:

  • Greater privacy and security for the user
  • More information about customers for content creators (without breaking their anonymity).
  • The entire data monopoly will be solely for Google
  • Risk of less relevant ads for the user
  • Remarketing campaigns are over

By the third quarter of 2023, Google expects to release the Privacy Sandbox APIs and make them generally available to Chrome users.

As developers adopt these APIs, the company has announced that it will disable third-party cookies by default by the second half of 2024.

4. Increase in voice searches

Voice searches are an SEO trend that is growing little by little over the years. We can see its rise with devices like Alexa (from Amazon) or Siri (from Apple).

These are exclusive voice search systems that have been very successful.

Little by little, more voice searches will be carried out on the web and what we must take into account for search engine positioning is that they are questions in a conversational tone and focus on increasing keywords or long tail keywords.

5. Traffic growth on images

Images have always been important in SEO. And Google not only responds in its search engine with text, but is also capable of showing the user’s best response in image format.

For this reason, an increase in traffic through its image search engine is expected in 2023.

Hence the importance of also working on this type of content in our projects.

There are some tips to optimize images in SEO:

  • Alternative texts that contain the keyword (or secondary keywords) but describe what is in said image.
  • Image name with short and concise keyword.
  • Lightly compressed images (to improve loading speed).
  • Titles inside the images (they draw the user’s attention).

6. Other people ask

We are used to seeing the complex questions that Google displays in search results.

If you ask Google any question, the Other User Questions section will probably appear.

With this implementation, Google wanted to make it easier for the user to search and doubt that they may have about a specific complex topic without having to rewrite anything.

For example, if you are looking for how to obtain a digital certificate, some of the suggestions it offers are how much it costs or who can obtain it, queries that are closely related to your search and that have a high percentage of people ending up reading.

This module represents a great opportunity to complete or complement the information around a topic.

To appear in Google’s complex and suggested questions, it is recommended to optimize the H2 headings and short and concise answers in a single paragraph very well.

7. Google Discover

Google Discover is an information section found on mobile phones with Google services and which serves to offer the user information of interest that is more concise and without distractions.

For website creators who implement SEO, this represents a huge increase in traffic, although for a short time since each url usually enters Discover for a few days.

There is no specific methodology to appear on Google Discover, but we know that they favor eye-catching images, catchy titles and trending informative content.

8. Google News and Google Showcase

After 8 years, Google News returns to Spain and represents a change in media and news media that want to position their newspaper.

We know that the new interface of Google News and Google News Showcase has a global and local news section, a space for time and different news categories.

As with Google Discover, entering this section can lead to large increases in traffic to the urls.

9. E-EAT

The most recent trend in SEO and the one that is having the most importance from Google, the E-EAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

There was already an Update at the end of 2022 to improve EAT, adding a  new concept recently.

With the arrival of artificial intelligence they want to add value to the content and the training of the person who is creating it.

From now on, it will be more valued that the website has authority and that the creator of the article is an expert in the field.

10. Trends in Local SEO in 2023

Always in trend. Local SEO is key for your business. From “butcher shop near me”, “bakery near me” or “closest fruit shop”.

If we are a local business or we work with local businesses, we must complete as much of our business information as possible with the famous  Google Business Profile or Google My Business tabs .

A very important aspect of Local SEO is reviews; more and more importance is given to how many reviews a store has and how good they are.

For this reason, many stores already have a QR or a message to encourage customers to rate their business on Google.

11. SEO on other platforms

The SEO trends of 2023 also take into account the multitude of platforms that have appeared over the years.

For example, YouTube, where you can enhance your videos and optimize them for SEO so that they appear in first position.

But it is not the only one, if we do a search accompanied by the term tik tok such as tik tok lions , we will see that the following results will be a chain of videos from the platform.

Although at first it may seem complicated and it is a generic term, what would happen if what we are looking for is a well-known brand? As we can see with the photo, the brand’s official Tik Tok would appear.

With the Tik tok trend and the ease of getting users, this may be an opportunity, in addition to an SEO trend, for brands and online stores in 2023.

12. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that measure the speed of a web page.

For Google, the faster a URL is, the better, and this factor has always been taken into account when it comes to web positioning.

There are different free tools that calculate the data and with which you can guide yourself to make improvements.

In the image below we have examined’s own URL to see what its metrics are like using the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

13. Videos

Video platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube, and Twitch have been in fashion for years but their growth is exponential. Working on SEO in videos can be a very important factor in 2023.

To do this you will have to optimize the descriptions, titles and images of each video, oriented towards SEO. To make your work easier, Google has released two tools: Clip Markup and Seek Markup.

And although the names may not sound familiar to you, you have surely seen it more than once on YouTube. They are techniques to organize videos by fragments and indicate the minutes in which they change from one topic to another.

It is usually included in their description. With this we help Google understand the content scheme and at the same time we make it easier for the user to search.

14. Full mobile index

73% of people who search on the Internet do so from their mobile phones, and what was once Mobile First Index has become Full Mobile Index. Having a responsive mobile page that facilitates the user experience is a must in 2023.

15. 2022 trend continuity

In addition to new SEO trends, we also have different concepts and techniques that have continued to work for months or even years.

Improve internal linking, send a sitemap.xml, implement a correct hierarchy of headers or generate incoming links from other websites from the same topic. And although they are not new, Long Tail keywords continue to be another very important positioning and traffic increase factor.

SEO Trends In 2023

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